There is no higher praise than the accolades we receive from our clients. We are pleased to partner with these forward-thinking industries and professionals who engaged us for search and consulting services.


One of the greatest indicators of our shared success is the fact that most of our business comes from referrals or repeat clients.


Read what some of our clients are saying about the impact we’ve had on their organizations and careers.

“It is not everyday that one comes across someone as passionate, sincere and emphatic as Tracey. It was a wonderful experience working with her. She is a thorough professional when it comes to her job, yet has a personal touch which made me feel comfortable throughout the hiring process and even after I joined. She made sure that I was confident and well informed at every stage while being prompt and articulate with her responses. I cannot thank Tracey enough for landing me in the perfect job. I sincerely wish her all the success and that candidates like me continue to benefit from her expertise.”


Tracey recently assisted me with the successful recruitment of two key departmental leaders at our organization. She did an excellent job at asking the right questions at the beginning of the process to ensure that she had a solid understanding of our needs and business culture. Tracey maintained a high level of professionalism and communication throughout the process and her insights were invaluable in helping us find the right fit for our company. I would highly recommend Tracey Johns for professional recruitment services.

– Christopher Campbell

Tracey is a very professional, results driven individual. I have hired Tracey on many occasions and she exceeded my expectations in a very timely manner in all instances. Her competencies, thoroughness and personality made her a pleasure to work with.

– John Blunt

I have utilized Pete Williams on several technical recruits for different organizations and have always been able to rely on Pete to recognize our company’s needs and find candidates that are both technically sound and fit with the organization’s culture and values. I would not hesitate to recommmend Pete for his overall recruiting abilities and his ability to find the right candidate fit for the organization.

– Jim

I first had the pleasure of working with Tracey when looking for employment almost 15 years ago. I found Tracey to be a very professional and dedicated person, ensuring that my goals were met as well as those of her clients. Over the years, Our company has turned to Tracey to recruit qualified candidates for a variety of positions. Her professionalism, personality and success in seeking potential employees speaks for itself – she gets the job done by learning about her client’s requirement and culture. I am truly pleased to recommend Tracey to fill a client’s needs whether you are seeking new opportunities or clients looking to hire.

– Gene Ryan

Tracey Johns is a professional and trusted business partner. She is a respected name in the business community, and is known for representing organizations in a professional manner. She builds relationships with clients and top talent, ultimately providing superior customer service, and delivering positive results. I have enjoyed working with Tracey over the years, and look forward to our continued partnership.

– Janna Leith

I enjoy working with Tracey for all recruitment challenges! I trust her to ask the right questions so that she knows the culture, business objectives and position requirements and then present people that she knows will fit the bigger picture rather than resumes with the same title. I have known and worked with her for years and I always recommend business associates to Tracey when they need recruitment or H.R. support!

– Lesley Oliver

I have worked with Pete Williams for a number of years and I can testify to his professionalism, integrity and industry knowledge. He follows through on a commitment and is a valuable resource in the recruiting sector.

– Dan

I had the pleasure of working with Pete late in 2012 when he was contracted to source an executive position for a multinational Engineering business. Pete made contact with me reference the role and did an excellent job of outlining the key factors associated with the role and responsibilities as well as providing an excellent overview of the company. The recruitment process was lengthy & complex as it included a relocation element and the coordination of multiple people across a variety of countries and time zones in order for key discussions to be facilitated. Pete handled the communication element very well, providing regular updates on the progress or status of meetings etc. I believe Pete worked hard for the company and the candidate and he was able to bring the search to a successful close for both parties. I found Pete to be professional, open, honest, responsive and courteous at all times. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone recruiting for Senior Management or Executive level positions.

– Andrew

We have had the pleasure of working with Pete Williams and Tracey Johns over a number of years and have nothing but good things to say. In 2014 they supported our recruitment efforts greatly by facilitating candidate qualification testing (Prevue and Bennett) with fast implementation and better than expected response times. In 2015, they were instrumental in supporting Ingredion and local industry by facilitating and helping to execute the London Manufacturing Consortium in May 2015. Tracey and Pete are true professionals who have a tremendous customer focus. We look forward to working with them in the future.

– Kyle Brunton

We had a very positive experience working with Tracey on our recent search for a Supervisor of Occupational Health and Safety. After an initial search on our own with limited results, we anticipated that it could be a difficult search when we reached out to Tracey. She took the time to get to know our organization and our needs. As result, she was able to provide us with a number of viable candidates for the position. In the end, the search proved to be a very positive experience with a successful outcome. Although we were new to Tracey, and Tandem Recruitment/Consulting, prior to this search, given the results we would not hesitate to use her services in future recruitment efforts and would highly recommend her to others.

– Jim Vair

I had a wonderful experience working with Tracey. I had just moved to the London area and wasn’t really sure what good companies to apply to. I sent my resume out and was contacted by Tracey, who, for the entire process was amazing to work with. She matched me with a wonderful company that is close to home and is an excellent fit for me. Working with Tracey, the way she tended to me, it felt like I had known her forever. I can never repay Tracey for learning and understanding my skills and personality to figure out the perfect role/company for me. I would recommend Tracey to absolutely anyone that is searching for their perfect job!

– Nev K.

Tracey – I’ve been telling my friends and colleagues about you because you have no idea what we all go through when job hunting. Tracey you are definitely A1! I can’t wait to start my new job, honestly for the first time since moving to Canada I feel this opportunity is going to be great where I can contribute to an organization and grow in my career. I am excited to start my new role. I can see long-term growth potential and being a part of a team that works together. Thank you again for all your hard work!

Our executive search relationship is now approaching ten (10) highly successful/productive years. Pete and Tracey have become true partners in our continued growth, and in many ways ‘anticipate’ the future evolution of our resourcing requirements

– Robert Furneaux

“I’ve worked with recruiters in the past, and been somewhat hesitant based on those experiences, but your entire approach was much more engaging, less pushy, and made me feel much more supported throughout the entire process.  Thank you Tracey for thinking that I’d be a good candidate and good fit to join this great organization”

– Finance Manager

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